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Thursday, February 15

Outer Banks Seafoodouter banks restaurant best seafood

For many who visit the Outer Banks or live there year round, great Outer Banks Seafood and Seafood restaurants are a mainstay. Even with all the change and construction going on from Manteo to Duck, it is hard to know what is traditionally Outer Banks and what is new. Over the past 40 years the OBX landscape has changed as the Outer Banks of North Carolina become a sprawling vacation destination for people up and down the entire Eastern Seaboard. But one thing that is traditionally Outer Banks is real seafood from the Pamlico sound. In fact, visitors and locals alike know it by taste and will not indulge fast food chain frozen seafood that is flat or tasteless.

Pamlico Sound Seafood Restaurant

To the best of my knowledge there is no Pamlico sound seafood restaurant but to be honest I think most of the local places are Pamlico sound seafood restaurants, in the sense that they serve right off the trawler seafood. This pristine estuary is the breeding ground for scores of different species of sea life, which fuel the seafood harvest for the Carolinas. With out getting too technical, great seafood dinners from great Outer Banks Seafood Restaurants start here. I like to think of it is a primitive refrigerator for storing seafood, or at least fresh seafood.

Simple Steamed Or Fried Seafood

In and above itself fresh local caught seafood is delicious. A meal of steamed shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce or seasoned with Old Bay is in many cases more than enough for a scrumptious seafood treat. In fact, many a meal is complete with the just the addition of simple fried, baked or steamed shrimp, oysters, crabs and more. And yes Goombay’s offers traditional simple favorites right from the OBX waterways. But we also offer unique spins on the freshest, tastiest seafood fished right out of the Outer Banks estuaries, sound, and of course the Ocean itself.

Unique Seafood Dishes From Goombaysobx seafood restaurant

Combining the best seafood you have ever tasted with Caribbean flare (a Goombay’s specialty) and some creativity you can make some incredible seafood delights. Here are a few dishes which are uniquely Obx and Goombays. Great OBX Seafood Restaurants put a unique spin on their Signature Dishes. Some of our unique offerings are:

Tuna Reuben

Who knew anything could improve on the Reuben. Born in the delicatessens of New York City it was definitely a land lubber creation of culinary brilliance…until NOW. Add Carolina fresh tuna to rye bread mustard and sauerkraut. I bet your eyes just popped reading that. I got hungry just describing it. Plump market fresh tuna brings an intense flavor, that corn beef, just cannot deliver. Not to say that corn beef is not a wonderful lunch meat, but this is the Outer Banks, and a maritime spin is just what this lunch favorite needs.

And it is on our lunch menu..I think it I might be time for a sandwich break

outer banks restaurant best seafood

Coconut Shrimp

You had at me at fried shrimp. But throw in crispy coconut shavings and we are talking out of this world. Served with mango chutney, the light sweetness of the coconut coated shrimp is irresistible to shrimp and seafood lovers. Start your meal off right with this yummy appetizer.

Our Menu

And there are more seafood restaurant dishes that have the unique Goombay’s flare. Check out our menu… https://goombays.com/menu/

Where To Find Great Seafood In The Outer Banks

Welcome to Goombays Grill & Raw Bar!

Goombays Grille & Raw Bar features fresh local seafood, chicken and steak prepared with a unique Caribbean flare. We also offer a fun kids menu and are family friendly. Cruise on by! We serve dinner til 10pm and also offer late night steamed and raw bar items til 2am.