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Thursday, June 7

Seafood Specials that are one of a kind.

When you visit this seafood restaurant one thing you can kiss by to is boring copycat chain menu. We take ocean fresh seafood, add in a touch of the Caribbean, a touch of the spectacular, and what you get is something you are not going to see anywhere else caribbean food

A Taste Of Caribbean And Jamaican Seafood

Our menu is graced with the influences of Jamaican and Caribbean cooking. The reason is clear. This style of cooking uses fresh healthy ingredients that combine sweet and spicy. Seasonings like jerk are accompanied by crème de Coconut and fresh tropical fruits like bananas, pineapple, and more. When combined with fresh fish, it is a taste explosion that you are not going to get from anything frozen, processed, homogenized, franchised, or portion controlled.

The Jerk You Might Actually Like

You have seen the term jerk thrown around on our menu and other Caribbean or Jamaican inspired menus. Many have tasted it. Many love it. It is the go to seasoning element for some of the Caribbean’s most popular dishes. But how many people know what Jerk seasoning is? seafood kill devil hills

Jerk Seasoning: What Is In This Jamaican Spice Blend

Three key seasonings come together and fuse into jerk seasoning. They are:
  • Allspice or Jamaican Pimento
  • Scotch Bonnet Peppers
  • Thyme
They combine to create sweet and spicy blend that is instantly recognizable, whether you have any idea what any of these seasonings are or not.

Time To Enjoy It

You can taste these flavors on the Goombay’s menu here in Kill Devil Hills. Also check out our Facebook feed for daily specials that you do not want to miss. Our Menu

Fresh Seafood

Check out this article about our fresh seafood

Welcome to Goombays Grill & Raw Bar!

Goombays Grille & Raw Bar features fresh local seafood, chicken and steak prepared with a unique Caribbean flare. We also offer a fun kids menu and are family friendly. Cruise on by! We serve dinner til 10pm and also offer late night steamed and raw bar items til 2am.